ZOLO 极致愉悦back door肛交杯

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您将拥有的最佳肛交杯。 肛交从未比使用后门Zolo杯更好。 这将是您有史以来最好的肛交。 密密麻麻的纹理模仿了肛交的感觉。 后门Zolo杯符合人体工程学,可提供必要的抓地力,带来极致的愉悦感。 只需用手指调节吸力,即可控制内部纹理通道的松紧度。


产品尺寸:15.24 x 20.32 x 5.08厘米;

The best anal sex you will ever have. Tantalizingly taboo, anal sex has never felt better than with the Back Door Zolo Cup. This will be the best anal sex you ever have. Tightly ribbed texture that mimics the sensations of anal sex. The Back Door Zolo Cup is ergonomically shaped to provide the necessary grip for the ultimate pleasure. Control the tightness of the inner textured channel by adjusting suction simply with your finger.
Arousing everything but suspicion, the amazingly discreet zolo backdoor pleasure cup hides its insanely stimulating interior inside a nondescript, perfectly portable casing that, particularly when the label covering is removed.
Product Dimensions : 15.24 x 20.32 x 5.08 cm;


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