Tenga Egg Lotion水基润滑液

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这款水基润滑液的包装是小巧可爱的鸡蛋形状,方便携带, 适合搭配各种性玩具适用, 质地清爽无味, 它为您和您的玩具之间提供了完美的保护层。 打开后, 可以储存在冰箱中。

Whether it's for your Tenga Eggs, Flip Hole, or any other toy, get your lotion in a convenient shape and size of an egg with the Tenga Egg Lotion. Your Tenga Eggs come with only a one-time use of lotion, but now you can use them multiple times with this odorless lotion that provides the perfect layer between you and your toys. Plus, they're small enough to be super portable! For an added kick, you may want to store it in your fridge.

water based lotion



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