Hold Me Tight Female Tightening Gel 春画女用私处紧致啫喱

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2012 年 XBIZ 奖得主 - 年度国际娱乐产品公司
这款凝胶由具有收敛特性的天然成分制成,专为希望增强松弛的阴道肌肉并与伴侣更紧密地拥抱的女性而设计。 该凝胶还有助于预防阴道细菌和真菌感染,消除令人不快的气味并恢复阴道润滑。 1 液体盎司。 阴道收紧凝胶 女性性增强。 春加色情艺术。
Product Description
2012 XBIZ Award Winner - International-Based Pleasure Products Company of the Year
Made from natural ingredients with astringent properties, this gel is designed for women wishing to tone up loose vagina muscles and have a tighter embrace on their partner. The gel also helps prevent vaginal bacterial and fungal infections, eliminate unpleasant odor and restore vaginal lubrication. 1 fluid ounce. Vaginal tightening gel Female sexual enhancement. Shunga Erotic Art.



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