Doc Johnson YES! 费洛蒙古龙水 29ml

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美国著名品牌Doc Johnson旗下的YES!系列费洛蒙古龙水能增加您吸引异性的机会。科学家们知道,性吸引是自然化学的问题。 信息素是您的身体传播给潜在伴侣的化学物质。 只需喷一点这种信息素增强的香味……您就会体会到与众不同. 美国制造。

Yes! pheromone cologne enhances your chances. Scientists know that sexual attraction is a matter of natural chemistry. And pheromones are the chemical substance your body broadcasts to potential mates. Just spray on a bit of this pheromone-enhanced fragrance … and you’ll experience the difference. Made in U.S.A

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