Doc Johnson Spot-On女用G点唤醒凝胶 56g

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• Intensifies and Enhances G-Spot Sensations
• Heightens Sensitivity and Pleasure
• Smooth, Silky Texture
• PETA-Certified, Cruelty-Free
• No Parabens or Sugar
• Made in America

Made with natural active ingredients to increase the sensitivity of a woman's g-spot.

Apply a small amount to index finger and rub around the vaginal cavity.


  • 加强提升女性G点的感觉
  • 增强敏感性和愉悦感
  • 光滑,丝滑般的质感
  • PETA认证,没有残酷的动物实验
  • 没有对羟基苯甲酸酯或糖
  • 美国制造

 采用天然活性成分制成,可提高女性g点的敏感性。 使用时在食指上涂抹少量,然后在阴道内擦拭。



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