Calexotics 玩具抑菌清洁喷雾 127ml/4.3oz

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使用玩具清洁剂让您的私密情趣玩具系列保持完美状态。易于使用的通用玩具清洁剂旨在对抗细菌并延长感性振动器、探头和奇特游戏配件的使用寿命。清洁配方装在一个方便的透明塑料瓶中,带有方便的符合人体工程学的泵作用喷嘴,可直接使用。一点点喷雾可使玩具保持超级清洁、新鲜和准备行动。清洁剂可改善成人玩具的健康和卫生,并保持功能,从而获得最终的游戏时间满意度。清洁喷雾装在轻便的 4.3 Oz/127 ml 旅行装瓶中,无论您走到哪里,都可以保持卫生。妥善照顾您的玩具可确保您避免传播不需要的细菌、真菌、霉菌、霉菌或病毒。在使用前和使用后将玩具喷干净,以确保安全。使用清洁剂保持成人玩具的安全和清洁,让您高枕无忧。使用时,只需将通用清洁剂直接喷在振动刺激器、个人按摩器、肛珠和其他玩具的表面上。抗菌喷雾建议在亲密玩耍前后使用,也可用于在诱惑和长时间刺激期间为您的玩具提神。多功能抗菌清洁剂是卫生必备品,也是您玩具收藏的必备配件。

Keep your intimate erotic toy collection in perfect condition with the Toy Cleaner. The easy to use, universal toy cleaner is designed to fight bacteria and to prolong the life of your sensuous vibrating vibes, probes, and exotic playtime accessories. The cleaning formula is supplied in a handy transparent plastic bottle, with convenient ergonomic pump action spray nozzle for direct application. A little spray keeps toys super clean, fresh and ready for action.  The cleaner improves the health and hygiene of your adult toys and maintains function for ultimate playtime satisfaction. The cleaner spray is supplied in lightweight 4.3 Fl Oz/127 ml travel size bottles for hygiene maintenance wherever you go. Properly caring for your toys ensures that you avoid spreading unwanted bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew or viruses. Play safe by spritzing your toys clean before and after use. Enjoy peace of mind by keeping your adult toys safe and clean with the cleaner. To use, simply spray the universal cleaner directly onto the surface of your vibrating stimulator, personal massager, anal beads and other toys. The anti-bacterial spray is recommended for use before and after intimate play, and can also be used to refresh your toys during seduction and prolonged stimulation sessions. The versatile, bacteria fighting cleaner is a hygiene essential and a must-have accessory for your toy collection.

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