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Primal - 子弹 10ml
  • 强大而强烈的感官愉悦
  • 持续持久的愉悦
  • 允许更大的自发性
  • 方便-自然-有趣

Primal 是一种超强男性活力霜。 旨在加强性体验。 天然植物提取物直接作用于阴茎组织,以产生充满性欲的深层感觉。 原始的超级强烈的性感感觉是快速的和持久的。 它释放出一种你能感受到的纯粹的兽性、原始的性冲击。 有趣、冒险和高度感性,它与众不同。
多年来,大自然提供了原始男人所寻求的东西,以增强他们的感官体验。我们采用这些天然成分并将其装瓶,以便男女老少都能享受令人兴奋、充满活力、爆炸性的性体验。 经过科学研究,PRIMAL 的天然植物提取物和酶与身体协同工作,创造出与众不同的非常强大的感觉。持久的、深沉的色情感觉和强烈的性唤起会让你充满感性,准备好采取行动,这是前所未有的! 与市场上可用的片剂形式产品不同,PRIMAL 可在一天中的任何时间使用,起效快且感性强烈。一旦应用,您将无法忽视机舱内的感觉! 凭直觉行事!

使用方法:挤1-2次并将Primal 涂抹在阴茎及茎头上并按摩(尽量避开尿道口),最好在做爱前 15 分钟使用。 Primal 可安全的与避孕套一起使用且吸收迅速。

注意:请勿将 Primal 涂抹在破损和发炎的皮肤上。 避免接触眼睛。 如果您感到刺激,请停止使用并冲洗干净。 如果不小心摄入,Primal 不含有害成分。

仅限于外用。 25摄氏度以下保存。

免责声明:Primal 无意诊断、治愈或预防任何已知的医疗状况。 始终向您的医疗保健专业人员寻求建议。

Primal - Bullet 10ml

* Powerful & Intensely sensual

* Sustained lasting pleasure

* Allows greater spontaneity

* Convenient - Natural - Fun

Super Intense Male Virility Cream by BODCARE

Primal is a super-charged male virility cream. Designed to intensify the sexual experience. Natural plant extracts work directly on the penile tissue to create a deep erotic sensation that is sexually charged. Primal super intense sexy sensation is quick acting and lasting. It unleashes a pure animalistic, primordial sexual punch you can feel. Fun, adventurous and highly sensual it’s unlike anything else.

For year's nature has provided what it is PRIMAL men seek, to enhance their sensual experience. We have taken these natural ingredients and bottled them so that men young and old can enjoy the feeling of a mind blowing, super-charged, explosive sexual experience.

Scientifically studied, PRIMAL's natural plant extracts and enzymes work in synergy with the body to create a very powerful sensation unlike any other. The lasting, deeply-erotic sensation and intensity of arousal will leave you sensually charged and ready for action, like never before!

Unlike tablet form products available on the market, PRIMAL can be used at any time of the day, is fast acting and intensely sensual. Once applied, you won't be able to ignore the feeling in your engine room!

Act on your instinct!

Directions: Apply 1-2 pumps of Primal onto the shaft and head of the penis and massage in, ideally 15 minutes prior to intimacy. Primal is condom safe and absorbs quickly.

Caution: Do not apply Primal to broken and inflamed skin. Avoid contact with eyes. If you experience irritation, discontinue use and wash off. Primal contains no harmful ingredients if ingested.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Store below 25 Celsius.

DISCLAIMER: Primal is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any known medical condition. Always seek advice from your health care professional.



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