Basic Essentials Super Stretchy TPR Enhancers锁精环

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Basic Essentials™的产品以高品质著称,助情侣们获得更好的性爱体验。这款锁精环既安全又超级刺激,经久耐用,感官上令人满意,可提供极致的舒适感。为了娱乐和安全而设计,您会喜欢您的伴侣并提高自己的满足感。

尺寸:0.3英寸/ 0.75厘米(环直径)

Basic Essentials™ are high-quality, feature-packed products for couples that enhance lovemaking — at an unbeatable price! A terrific addition to any toy collection, our Super Stretchy TPR Enhancers are designed to enhance and stimulate for the ultimate in satiation. Four super stretchy enhancers come in assorted shapes, offering support and increased sensation - the pleasure is all yours. With these comfortable enhancers crafted of TPR, you’ll have an incredibly gratifying experience that’s both safe and super stimulating. Our Basic Essentials™ Super Stretchy TPR Enhancers are durably made and sensually satisfying, for the ultimate in comfort. Made for pleasure and safety, you’ll please your partner and improve your own gratification. Get ready, get set to enjoy a more exciting bedroom experience. Our Basic Essentials™ Super Stretchy TPR Enhancers will provide a more thrilling sensual experience. So what are you waiting for? With an unbeatable price plus quality design, you’ll find you have everything you need to get exactly the experience you crave.

More Information
Color Clear
Materials Thermoplastic Rubber
Features Phthalate Free, Waterproof
Measurements 0.3" / 0.75cm (Ring Diameter)



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